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Why Should You Choose Fine Art Photography?

Let's get a few things out there first: fine art photography is an investment. I have learned that people collect my images because they find connection with them and because it is a reflection of their personality, memories, and because they find inspiration in my work. If people are able to connect with my images, then my most important goal while shooting has been accomplished.

When I find a composition, I envision what it would look like printed and I meticulously shoot each part of that image to ensure that I capture as much detail as I can. Have you ever noticed with some images that only a portion of it is in focus? Some photographers do this to draw the attention of the viewer into what they want them to find the most importance in. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that, but it just isn't my style. Some of my images portray that style, but for the most part, I like my work to highlight as much detail as possibly mainly because what I feel is most important in the composition may not be to you, or someone else viewing my image.

Remember, the goal is to connect the viewer with the entire image and not just a portion of it.

I try and offer my work on mediums that will appeal to all budgets because, although it is "fine art," I never want anyone to feel as if they can't afford to have it in their home or office. Let me take a few to explain to your the benefits of each of the mediums that I offer my work on:

Fine Art Photography Prints:

Of the thousands of images I've ever captured, I do have images that I personally feel that I could have done a better job on capturing and processing. They're great images, but ultimately I wish that I would have done a better job on them. Many people appreciate these images because it allows them to add a custom frame to them. I have these printed locally* and are only available in 11"x14". Another reason that I offer prints like this is because at art festivals, my booth is only so big and will only allow me to highlight so many prints, so this gives people a broader view of my work.

*Sidenote - any of my images can be printed this way. Just shoot me an email and let me know which one(s) you'd like to have printed.

Gallery Finish Metal Prints:

I absolutely love metal prints for so many reasons. Primarily because it makes he colors in my images "pop" without appearing too vibrant or saturated. Metal prints have a way of brining out the finest details in my images and truly "bring people into" my work. Part of it probably has to do with the way I capture my images, but I know that a part of it has to do with the metal. I have seen my work on canvas and it just doesn't have the same appeal.

I have my metal prints professionally printed locally by a well-trusted and very professional printer that takes the time with every one of my images to critique me on things that he sees that may make the image better. I appreciate this for so many reasons, because I value when people see things in my work that I often do not see and it allows me the opportunity to get better with my shooting. A lot goes into creating an image worth enlarging, no matter what medium it's put on, so working closely with a local printer is ideal and ensures better images overall.

Metal prints are very popular because image quality is top-notch and the process in which they're printed ensures that the image will not fade or become discolored over time. They are virtually maintenance-free and come in sizes up to 96".

Lumachrome Acrylic Prints:

Acrylic prints are certainly the cream of the crop for so many reasons. For years, acrylic prints have been found in galleries worldwide and as a private collector, you can now have the same quality of my images in your home or office. If you've ever gotten the chance to see acrylics done right in person, you know that the images appear with so much dimension and with a vibrance, that they appear almost holographic. Under the proper lighting, acrylic images provide a glow to them with colors lasting over 120 years. The sophistication of my prints using Lumachrome speaks for themselves.

My acrylic prints come in two options:

Museum Finish Lumachrome Print with 1/4" 95% UV protective Acrylic Facemount, 3mm Komatex backing, and 1.3" HD Roma back-mounted floating frame.

Premium Finish Lumachrome Print with 1/4" scratch-proof, reflection-free, True Vue acrylic that is 95% UV protective Acrylic Facemount, 6mm Komatex backing, and 1.3" HD Roma back-mounted floating frame.

My acrylic prints are abrasion-resistant that ensure a virtually reflection-free image and are handcrafted to create static free images that minimize dust. The materials used are also so user-friendly that no special acrylic cleaner is necessary when maintaining them.

If you have questions about upgrading, or adding to, your current decor to bring inspiring life-like images into your home or office, please feel free to reach out at any time so that I can answer any questions that you may have. I cannot stress enough that fine art photography is an investment regardless of which medium you decide to choose. The time it goes into capturing most of my images is well thought out and planned. The processing of the raw images to create an image that is of gallery quality is done with a meticulous workflow. Bringing your images to life on fine art photography paper, gallery finished metal, or on gallery finished acrylics are processes in which are the industry standard of galleries, private collectors, and museums worldwide.

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